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Join MHC ------ A Privilege like nowhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!


Assured Great savings for the next 5 years with uncompromising peace of mind…


MHC holiday packages are the most competitive. You name the package and its with us. On every tour package that you choose through us, you will be saving approximately Rs.2500/- per person for sure as our privileged member;

And suppose you have four adults going on the tour, you will save Rs.10000/- one shot, on a membership cost of just Rs.9999/- for 5 years.  And similarly on your tour every year for the next five years you will save Rs.40000/-  “Savings Assured”

Now pack your bags and put together another set of enthralling memories…

Resorts and Hotels

MHC has affiliations with 100000 resorts and hotels across India and abroad. For a span of 5 years from now, on every resort or hotel booking that you do through us, you will get 10% to 50% discounts, once again “Savings Assured”

As our privileged member you will save not less than Rs.10000/-, for the next 5 years on using our membership card. 

Cab bookings

MHC has 100% satisfied customers in the last 15 years and counting. Our cab providers are our strong backbone, with an array of trust worthy drivers, best quality cabs, best service and best rates. As our privileged member all your cab bookings through us will save a lot of your hard earned money for the next five years - “Savings Assured”

Tension free Holidays

MHC privilege card provides you the opportunity to have round the clock support when on a tour through us. You as our privileged member will have a very peaceful holiday for the next 5 years. Our Resident Representatives will make you utmost comfortable and ensure smiles throughout your Holidays -  “Peace of mind Assured”

Restaurant tie ups

MHC  is full of pleasant surprises for its privileged members. Keep yourself updated by visiting our website – www.myholidayclub.co.in to get the latest on the bundle of surprises. Reasonable discounts in pipeline on eat outs and other services.

Group tours                                 

MHC continuously reinvents itself. We understand the uneasiness of going on tours with unknown people. With us, as our privileged member, you become part of a big travel and adventure loving family. As a club we organize get togethers every 6 months, which will keep the members connected and so while on a group tour you will be with known people which will give very pleasant touch to your national and International tours -  “Peace of mind Assured”


MHC  connect will make your privileged membership an eventful journey.  The get togethers every 6 months will provide a social platform for you and your family. These get togethers will be interestingly themed with many games and competitions for you and your family. This will ensure a different confidence in your life -  “Peace of mind Assured”

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

MHC  sincerely proves to be a responsible corporate. Every time a member travels through us, you as a member are indirectly helping a child - supporting the education and overall growth; thus, making you a proud citizen of India and world. Also, we are looking ahead to a paperless office - Every communication to its members will be done online. The booklet you receive, your travel vouchers, bills every document related to MHC  will be mailed to you. Thus you are also helping us in saving our trees – the Nature.

Let us together leave a better world for a 100% educated generation!!!